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Your photo printed on wood!

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Discover our Wall Art product range

Create unique prints on wood

Make a truly individual piece of art for your walls by printing on wood. The natural grain of the wood makes each print totally unique and allows you to show off your favourite memories in style. Like the rustic look of wood in your interiors? Then wooden prints are the way to go!

Available in standard or premium

Our wood prints are available in both standard thickness (10mm) or upgrade to our premium thickness (20mm) for that extra bit of luxury. An added advantage of choosing premium-thickness wooden blocks is that they don't crack easily under pressure or over time.

Ready-to-hang Wooden Prints

Hanging your wood print is straightforward and hassle free. We include a hanging system free of charge with every print. There will be an instructions manual, too. So, all you need to do to mount your wooden prints is to follow the instructions!

Your photo printed on wood!

Wood Prints

Optimalprint's custom wood designs offer an innovative way to take your photos from digital to tangible form, perfect for displaying in the home or gifting to a loved one. No matter what your design aspirations are, we have got you covered with a range of sizes and layouts to choose from. Optimalprint's custom wood designs offer an innovative way to showcase your photos.

Custom Wood Prints That Are Unique In More Ways Than One

The beautiful thing about natural wood is that no two planks are the same - they all have distinct patterns, grooves and textures. This creates an authentic, natural surface and one perfect for one-of-a-kind printing projects. A custom-printed wooden plaque, for instance, can be made to capture a truly unique image that will never be replicated, no matter how many times it is redone.

Responsibly Sourced Wood

At Optimalprint, we understand the potential impacts services like ours can have on the environment. We take every step possible to reduce them - starting with the wood sourced for our custom wood prints. Every product that comes out of our studios is crafted with FSC-certified wood or PEFC when that is not available. We maintain the material's natural texture and preserve it with a professional-grade finish for long-lasting durability. Ordering your custom wood print from us means getting all the advantages of natural wood - minus its traditional tendency to scratch, fade, and erode.

Multiple Wood Wall Art Sizes and Thicknesses

Square photo? Rectangular photo? Portrait orientation? Landscape? You can do all of the above with Optimalprint. Our custom wood prints come in various sizes to accommodate designs of all kinds.

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These diverse options ensure you always have the perfect wall art wood size for your photo. Wood boards all come in a standard thickness of 10mm but can also be upgraded to 20mm if you want extra luxury.

Wood Wall Art Never Goes Out of Style

Why pay for a poster when you can immortalise your graphics on real wood? The material outlasts paper and is much more resilient - no folding, creasing, fading, or ripping! When correctly looked after, Optimalprint's photo on wood prints can last for years without losing quality. This is a timeless item that you will be glad you invested in.

Easy to Hang Wood Prints

As beautiful as they are, wood print designs deserve to be displayed for everyone. Whether the best location for this is the living room, bedroom, or bathroom is up to you - but in every case, we will make sure it looks great on that wall. Optimalprint's custom wood design boards come ready to hang straight out of the box. A hanging system is included in every order, so you do not have to worry about hunting for the right hooks or drilling into walls. It is a hassle-free way to add a touch of warmth and character to any room.

Prints On Wood Are The Perfect Gift

Wood prints are timeless and classic, making them the perfect gift for any special occasion. Whether it is a family portrait, wedding or baby announcement, or just a beautiful piece of art to brighten up a space, our wood prints are sure to impress.

Get Your Pictures Printed On Wood With Ease

Optimalprint's intuitive design platform makes it easy to realize the wood print of your dreams. Technically savvy or not, anyone can create and place an order within minutes.

Here is a breakdown of how the wooden photo print process works:

1. Choose Your Board Size

What size is the image you would like to print? All our boards come in standard square, portrait, and landscape options and sizes as tiny as 20x20cm or as large as 70x100cm. The standard 10mm thickness is a great base level for many applications, but you can double it to 20mm if desired.

2. Upload Your Image

Once you have settled on the size of your board, the design process begins. Optimalprint accepts all major image file formats, so you can easily upload photos from your computer or smartphone. You can add more than one photo to your board design; our editor has templates for layouts that incorporate multiple images and those of varying sizes.

3. Place Your Order

If you are happy with your wood print, all left to do is hit 'Add to Basket' and check out. We need your shipping address, billing information, and payment details to complete the process. After everything is confirmed, your order will be sent out to production.

Our Custom Wood Prints are Backed By a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Optimalprint we pride ourselves on designing top-quality, professional-grade wood prints. If your order does not meet these standards, we will happily replace it for free or provide you with a full refund. There is nothing to risk and much to gain by ordering wood printing from us. Start designing your very own custom wood print from Optimalprint today!

Why Choose Optimalprint for Wooden Prints?

At Optimalprint, we strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, and our wood prints are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. The wood we source for our custom wood prints is FSC-certified.

Photos are printed on the wood's surface, and we use a printing process that eliminates the use of white inks to allow the wood grain to show prominently in the bright areas of your photos. We utilise birch plywood for the outer layer of your wooden prints so your photos remain resistant to wear & tear over time.

We offer wooden prints in a variety of sizes and layouts, with standard (8mm-12mm) and premium (18mm-20mm) thicknesses. For the long-lasting durability of all our wooden prints, we ensure the material's natural texture is preserved with a professional-grade finish. This enables us to provide you with the benefits of natural wood - only without the scraping and fading.


1. What Is a Wood Print?

A wood print is a type of wall art created by printing photos on a block or panel of wood. It is an organic photo print with a rustic finish that lends a beautiful vintage touch to the interiors of a room.

2. What Are the Advantages of Wooden Prints?

Wooden prints are very durable. With proper care, they can stay with you for your lifetime. Wood is not easily broken, so the print will remain intact. Wood photo prints are low maintenance and keep your images looking brand-new for years. With a soft cloth, you can easily clean wooden prints. Wood is 100% natural and can be recycled without harming nature.

3. What Designs Are Best Suited For Wood Prints?

The best designs to print on wood range from natural sceneries like landscapes and waterscapes to custom designs like abstract art patterns and bold prints. Basically, any designs with a lot of white and high contrast areas in them will be best suited for printing on wood. This is because the natural grain of the wood shows through more when the colours of your design are lighter.

4. How Durable Are Wood Prints?

Wooden prints are mostly made of plywood, which is more durable than regular wood. Wood prints can last for a person's entire lifetime and beyond if taken good care of. No wear or tear can occur, and even if the print falls to the ground or floor, no harm will be done to your photo.

5. What Kind of Wood Are the Wood Prints Made From?

When it comes to printing on high-quality materials, we use birch and lined plywood, which is excellent in terms of offering the long-lasting durability and strength needed for crafting prints that will stand the test of time.

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