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What to Write In a Christmas Card?

Picking out a Christmas card is hard enough. Choosing what to write in it? That is another challenge entirely. But it is also worth taking on; while greeting card companies may take the liberty of printing prewritten messages, they are extremely generic and can be meaningless. Writing something personal, especially when it comes to the holidays, conveys a heartfelt message of appreciation and love that no pre-selected phrase can ever match.

Whether you’re writing a Christmas card for your family members, close friends or neighbours, there are some basic best practices and things to consider during the process. This article will go over tips for writing meaningful Christmas card greetings for different people in your life and the best practices you can take to make them as impactful as possible. So, the question is: What to write in a Christmas card?

What to Write In a Christmas Card to your Wife

So - you don't know what to write in your partner's holiday card. Don't be embarrassed! Not everyone is the poetic type. Beyond what you have probably already done by Googling 'What can I write in my wife's Christmas card', there are plenty of steps you can take to come up with a meaningful relevant message that melts her heart.

Reminisce On Memories

Think back to all of the Christmases you have spent together as a couple. Bring up some of your favourite memories and express how grateful you are to have shared them with her.

Share Your Love and Gratitude

Let your wife know how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her. Choose words that demonstrate your deep love and admiration for her, whether it be 'I'm so lucky to have you by my side' or 'You're the best thing in my life'.

Wish Her A Joyous Holiday

No Christmas card is complete without some sort of festive closing greeting. When writing to your wife, it is usually best to keep this line union-oriented. Aim to express that you not only wish her a great holiday season but also look forward to enjoying it together.

What to Write In your Husband's Christmas Card

Men are not alone in their struggle to come up with words of love and affection at Christmas. Writing a heartfelt message in your husband's card is easier said than done, especially as prewritten card phrases are usually geared towards women. To make it easier, we've compiled this list of tips:

Highlight His Personality

All too many Christmas cards for men take a generic approach to expressing gratitude. The reality is that everyone, including a man, can appreciate a card that speaks to who they are as an individual. Opting to write a message that references his unique qualities will likely give him something he hasn't received before.

Emphasize His Value In Your Life

Writing from an angle of appreciation can be especially powerful. Talk about how you appreciate his hard work and dedication to your marriage and family. Highlight the little things he does - like taking time to listen to you - that make a big difference in your world.

Talk About Your Future Together

One of the most beautiful aspects of love is having someone to share your future with. Talk about your hopes and dreams for the future, and how you can't wait to share in them together. If you're married with children, mention how excited you are to watch them grow up and share in the joys of parenthood with your husband.

What to Write In a Christmas Card to your Girlfriend

Writing a Christmas card for your girlfriend is notably different than the process of doing so for your wife. In most cases, cards between married partners are much more intimate and serious in nature. Girlfriends, on the other hand, can range in commitment level from casual to serious. With those considerations in mind, there are still several ways to make a meaningful statement:

Address the Length of the Relationship

While this might seem a bit counterintuitive, especially if you have only been in a relationship for a short period of time, it is actually a great way of framing your message overall. Start by saying you are amazed that it has 'only' or 'already' been X long since you first met. You can then go on to highlight the role they play in your life today. How has your life changed since then? What aspects of life with your girlfriend do you particularly appreciate? Highlight that and how she is an asset.

Be Romantic

Whether she has been your girlfriend for a long time or just recently: with a few romantic words, you will make her heart beat faster. Let your feelings speak, and forget about formalities. A simple "Merry Christmas" does not fill an entire Christmas card for your girlfriend. If you don't have the right words, look for inspiration in loving quotes. There may be a romantic film you saw together at the cinema – with a beautiful declaration of love. Or use quotes from one of her favourite books. This way, you create a connection and express your feelings without racketing your brain.

What to Write In a Christmas Card to your Boyfriend

You are not alone if you are ruminating about what to write on the Christmas card for your boyfriend. So many people find it challenging to put their feelings into words – the right words. Occasionally, you would rather not say too much, but you definitely don't want to say too little. So, before writing the Christmas card, think about what you want to communicate and wish for your boyfriend. Then you can write it down better afterwards. Here are some tips:

Explain Your Fondness

Rather than just saying 'I love you', think of other ways to express your fondness for him. You can mention how you appreciate his sense of humour, the way he makes you laugh or even just how much simpler life is with him around. This kind of sentiment is a great way to start off your message.

Mention His Accomplishments

Everyone needs to be reminded of how much they are capable of achieving, and your boyfriend is no exception. Talk about the goals he has set for himself - no matter the size - and how proud you are of the progress he has made. Give him a boost of encouragement so that he can continue striving towards success.

What to Write In a Christmas Card for Mum

Your Mum undoubtedly expects and deserves a Christmas card this holiday season. Why not make it as amazing as possible? Everyone, especially your Mum, will love receiving a well-thought-out card with a sincere personal message. In the case of a card for Mum, the wording should be extra loving considering all that she has done for you. Take a look at these best practices to guide you along your writing journey:

Express True Gratitude

Your mother has likely done more than you can ever repay. Make sure to express your gratitude for her endless love and support. Beyond that, thank her for being your best friend, confidante and go-to person when you need advice.

Talk About Her Impact On Your Life

A card for Mum should be an ode to her incredible influence in your life. Talk about how she has impacted you in a positive way, whether it be through her unconditional love and support or her unwavering faith in you. This is a simple yet incredibly meaningful thing for any parent to receive.

What to Write In a Christmas Card for Dad

Would you like to write a Christmas card for your dad? That may not seem so easy at first. Dads sometimes give a less emotional impression, but they will be happy to receive loving words for the festive season. So, there is not much difference between a Christmas card for your father and cards for your mother. Since you were born, your father has been a reliable companion. With a Christmas card, you pay attention to him and can simply write down things you might not otherwise say. Such a card will surely get a special place on his desk, the night console, or the fridge. Because, especially when your dad sometimes can't find the right words himself, he is all the happier about a bit of attention from you.

Recognize His Sacrifices

Your dad has been by your side ever since you existed. Whether it's a strong shoulder during heartbreaks, adventurous holidays or support while renovating your first flat, Christmas is a beautiful time to simply say thank you. When you write a Christmas card for your father, you can show what his support in all circumstances means to you through your words.

Write Something Personal

It is always important to make sure your message is unique and personal. Avoid using generic statements and try to incorporate something that is meaningful for your dad. This could include stories about events or special moments the two of you have shared together in the past. Funny Christmas card messages are also a great idea if you want to put a smile on his face.

What to Write In a Christmas Card to Neighbours

It is important to stay connected with the people in your community and Christmas cards are a great way to do it. Whether they are next door or down the block, writing a kind message is sure to make them feel appreciated this holiday season. Here are some things to consider when writing a Christmas card for neighbours:

Highlight the Value of Your Relationship

Having a next-door neighbour you can rely on is invaluable. Make a point of recognizing this, and thank them for being such a great friend. You can also highlight the little things that have made your relationship so special, whether that is helping him shovel the driveway when it snows or lending a cup of sugar every now and then.

Share Holiday Plans

Christmas cards are a great opportunity to let your neighbours know about any plans or parties you have set up for the holidays. Include this along with a thoughtful message inviting them to join.

What to Write In a Teacher's Christmas Card

Educators are the backbone of the UK and the world at large. Their work supports the development of children from preschool to post-secondary, and without them, it is safe to say that society would be a much less competent place. But what do you write someone who has fearlessly put up with your child all year? There are plenty of elements to consider and routes to take when crafting a teacher's card:

Mention Subject Matter

The best Christmas cards to teachers are those that highlight the role they have in a student's life. For some, lessons in geography or science mean much more than passing school levels - it could be the start of a lifelong passion. Let your teacher know how much their guidance means to you and your family by expressing enthusiasm for their subject matter and how their individual talents have helped blossom your student's interest in it.

Express Gratitude

Teachers often feel underappreciated in their role, making expressions of gratitude especially meaningful. Consider thanking the teacher for all the hard work they have put in over the course of the year and how that has made an impact on your child's development. Even a simple 'Thank you for your dedication to my child's education' can be enough.

Don't Know What to Write In a Christmas Card? Here Is How to Make It Great

Despite all of the specific examples we just went through, there is still a chance that you are at a loss for inspiration in writing your holiday message. Maybe you do not know the person you are writing to very well or are just in need of some more broadly applicable ideas. If that is the case, no worries. Here are some tips that can help make any Christmas card special:

Show You Care

No matter who you are writing for this holiday season, one thing should remain consistent throughout every card you write - your effort to make it thoughtful and special.

When writing your message, really take time to consider the person you are writing to. What do you know about them? How can you demonstrate that you are thinking about their interests and wellbeing? A heartfelt note that goes beyond just 'Merry Christmas!' can go a long way.

Sample opening phrases include:

- I have been thinking about you this holiday season

- I know it's been a hard year for all of us, but I want to take a moment and wish you a Merry Christmas

- Wishing you all the happiness you deserve this wonderful holiday season

Add a Personal Touch

The best way to make your Christmas card stand out is to add something personal. Whether it is a joke, fond memory, or an inside joke, adding some of your own flair to the message will help make it memorable.

Christmas Card Greetings: Invest In Quality Cards

While this last point is less of a consideration during the writing process, it is still worth mentioning. Investing in quality cards will not only help you achieve your desired message but also properly express your appreciation and respect for the people you give them to. Optimalprint has a wide collection of Christmas cards that can help you make your holiday wishes come to life.

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