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Wedding Invitation Wording: Examples, Tips, and Guides

In the tapestry of life's most momentous occasions, weddings hold a place of honour. They represent not just the union of two souls but also the coming together of two families, two histories, and two futures. An integral part of this grand event is the wedding invitation, a heartfelt message that sets the tone for the celebrations to come. Crafting the perfect wording for a wedding invitation, therefore, is both an art and a responsibility. This guide delves deep into the nuances of the wedding invitation wording, presenting examples to inspire, tips to perfect, and insights to ensure your message resonates with grace, clarity, and love.

Main Takeaways From This Article:

  • Strive for clarity and creativity, expressing your unique personality as a couple while ensuring guests understand the details of the event.

  • Include details like full names, date, time, wedding venue, dress code, and other relevant events or activities. This helps avoid confusion and ensures guests are adequately informed.

  • Craft personalised invitation messages for different audiences, including co-workers, family, and friends, emphasising clarity, personal touch, and appropriate tone based on the relationship and occasion.

  • Suggestions and examples for different wedding themes – heartfelt, funny, simple, and classic – to match the couple's desired tone and setting.

  • Optimalprint provides a diverse range of wedding-related products, including Save-the-Dates, wedding invitations, Thank You cards, RSVP cards, driving instructions, Order of Service cards, menus, and place cards.

Tips for Customising Messages for Invites for Co-workers

What to Write

  • Personal Touch: Begin with a personal note. Mentioning a shared experience or memory can set a warm tone.

  • Event Details: Clearly state the date, time, and venue. Given work commitments, this helps co-workers plan in advance.

  • Simple Gratitude: Express appreciation for their support and camaraderie at work and the joy it would bring to see them on your special day.

  • Connection to the Partner: If your co-workers haven't met your partner, introduce them briefly, highlighting any potential shared interests.

What Style to Adopt

  • Formal Tone: If your office environment is more traditional or if you don’t know the co-worker well, a formal tone is appropriate. "We cordially invite you..." can set this tone.

  • Casual and Friendly: For colleagues you share a close bond with or in a laid-back work environment, a casual tone like "We'd love for you to join us!" can feel genuine.

  • Humorous Quirk: For co-workers with whom you share inside jokes or funny stories, adding a touch of humour can make the invite memorable.

  • Minimalistic: Given the professional connection, sometimes less is more. Clean, concise wording with essential details can be effective.

What Not to Say

  • Office Gossip: Steer clear from referencing office politics or sensitive topics. It's a joyful occasion, and the focus should remain on the celebration.

  • Overly Personal Details: While you want the wedding invites to be heartfelt, avoid sharing extremely personal stories or details that might be inappropriate for a work colleague.

  • Presumptuous Assumptions: Do not assume they will bring a plus one unless specified. Additionally, avoid making any comments or jokes about them attending solo.

Mandatory Attendance: Even though you'd love for them to come, it's essential to remember it's an invitation, not an obligation. Avoid phrasing that may come across as pressuring them to attend.

Tips for Customising Messages for Invites for Family

Wedding invitation messages

What to Write

  • Heartfelt Beginnings: Start with an emotional note or memory that resonates with the family bond you share.

  • Event Details: Ensure the date, time, venue, and other vital details are presented clearly so they can make arrangements accordingly.

  • Importance of Their Presence: Convey how vital their presence is to you on your big day, emphasising the role they play in your life.

  • Special Memories: Reference shared moments or inside family jokes to infuse warmth and intimacy into the invite.

What Style to Adopt

  • Sentimental: Given the deep bond shared with family, a sentimental tone that captures the essence of your relationship is always fitting. Phrases like "It wouldn’t be the same without you" can evoke emotions.

  • Traditional: If you hail from a family that values traditions, aligning your invitation's style with these values can be impactful.

  • Casual Conversational: For close-knit families who share a relaxed bond, a conversational tone might be more appropriate, something similar to "Can't wait to dance the night away with you!"

  • Poetic Flair: Some families appreciate the beauty of prose or a touching quote that represents family ties.

What Not to Say

  • Avoid Favouritism: It's essential to keep the tone consistent to avoid making any family member feel less valued than another.

  • Dwelling on the Past: Avoid referencing past conflicts, misunderstandings, or sensitive issues, even in jest.

  • Pressuring to Attend: While it's natural to want every family member there, ensure your message doesn't make it sound like their attendance is obligatory.

  • Overwhelming Details: While you might be engrossed in every minor wedding detail, consider if every piece of information is necessary for the invite. Avoid cluttering with non-essential information.

Tips for Customising Messages for Invites for Friends

What to Write

  • Personal Memories: Begin with a cherished memory or experience that epitomises your friendship. "Remember when we dreamed about this day during our college nights?"

  • The Big Details: Clearly outline the date, time, and venue so friends can mark their calendars and join in your joy.

  • Your Excitement: Share your enthusiasm about them being part of your big day. "It wouldn't be a party without you!"

  • A Nod to Shared Jokes: Including a light-hearted reference or inside joke can add a personal touch that resonates with your shared history.

What Style to Adopt

  • Casual and Upbeat: A relaxed and cheerful tone often works best with friends, making the invite feel personal and genuine.

  • Humorous: Infusing humour, such as "Come watch us say 'I do' before we start our journey of endless Netflix binging!" can make your invitation memorable.

  • Heartfelt: For friends who've been there through thick and thin, a more emotional tone acknowledging their importance in your life can be touching.

  • Creative and Quirky: If you share unique interests or hobbies, incorporate them into the style, like a reference to a favourite movie or shared adventure.

What Not to Say

  • Avoid Comparisons: Every friendship is unique, so avoid making any comparisons or referencing other friends in the invite.

  • Sensitive Topics: Even if shared in jest, avoid bringing up sensitive issues or past disagreements in the invite.

  • Assumptions: Do not assume they will bring a plus one or participate in all events unless previously discussed.

Obligations: While you'd love their presence and perhaps even help, avoid wording that might seem like you're pressuring them or imposing responsibilities.

Tips and Examples of Invitation Wording

Examples of wedding invitation messages

Much like the foundations of a wedding website, where couples share their stories, event details, and even their registries, wedding invitation wording is crucial in communicating the when, where, and what of your special day. When crafting the perfect wedding invitation, the wording should reflect the overall theme and mood of the wedding. Here's a guide for various wedding themes:

Heartfelt Wedding Theme


  • Convey genuine emotion in the wording.

  • Highlight the deep bond and commitment between the couple.

  • Personal anecdotes or quotes about love can be added for a touch of intimacy.


"With joyous hearts, we, [Bride's Name] and [Groom's Name], invite you to share in a celebration of love as we begin our lifelong journey together on [Date] at [Venue]. Your presence would mean the world to us."

Funny Wedding Theme


  • Use playful or humorous wording without crossing the line of appropriateness.

  • Incorporate personal inside jokes if they're widely understood.

  • Ensure the humour aligns with both the bride's and groom's personalities.


"We're finally tying the knot, and trust us, it's not a plot! Join us, [Bride's Name] and [Groom's Name], for an evening reception filled with laughs, love, and a pinch of madness on [Date] at [Venue]. Dress fancy, but bring your funny bone!"

Simple Wedding Theme


  • Stick to the essentials: Who, what, where, when.

  • Use concise and clear language.

  • Avoid overly ornate or embellished fonts and designs.


"Please join us, [Bride's Name] and [Groom's Name], for our wedding on [Date] at [Venue]. We hope to see you there."

Classic Wedding Theme


  • Utilise traditional wording and phrasing.

  • Maintain a formal tone throughout the invite.

  • Classic themes often include both sets of parents' names.


"Mr. and Mrs. [Bride's Parents' Names] and Mr. and Mrs. [Groom's Parents' Names] request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their children, [Bride's Name] and [Groom's Name], on [Date] at [Venue]."

The Perfect Creative Setting for Your Wedding With Optimalprint

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Save the Date

Crafting a "Save-the-Date" invitation for a wedding is an exciting step in the wedding planning process. Remember, while there is a variety of traditional wedding invitation wording for such cards, the most important thing is that they reflect your and your partner's unique style and love story.

Wedding Invitations

Choosing a style for your wedding invitation is an exciting way to set the tone and introduce guests to the theme of your special day. Once you've chosen your style, it's essential to ensure that the invitation's wording, font, and other design elements align with that choice. Remember, your invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have into your wedding, so make it memorable!

RSVP Cards

"RSVP" stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît," a French phrase that translates to "Please respond." These cards are traditionally included with formal invitations to allow guests to confirm their attendance. The key to a successful RSVP process is clarity. Whether you go with a classic or modern approach, ensure that your guests can easily understand and fill out the card.

Driving Instruction

Providing clear driving instructions for your wedding day venue can be crucial, especially if the location is remote, tricky to find, or unfamiliar to most guests. By providing clear, detailed driving instructions, you'll help ensure a smooth arrival of your guests, contributing to a stress-free and enjoyable celebration.

Order of Service Card

The order of service cards, often called a wedding program or ceremony itinerary, provides guests with a clear outline of how the wedding ceremony will unfold. It helps guests understand the order and significance of the elements involved. When designing your order of service card, ensure the design aligns with the overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding. Additionally, while providing information is important, it's essential to ensure clarity and readability, so opt for a clear font and layout.


Creating a wedding menu card is not only functional, ensuring guests are aware of the meal choices, but it also adds to the overall decor and theme of your wedding reception. When designing your wedding menu card, the goal is to clearly communicate the meal offerings while ensuring the card complements the overall aesthetic and feel of the event.

Place Cards

Place cards are small cards that display a guest's name, indicating where they should sit during the wedding reception or dinner. They are an important part of wedding stationery. They are essential for weddings with a seating arrangement to ensure that guests find their designated seats easily. When designing your wedding place cards, the primary goal is to ensure guests can easily find their seats while integrating the cards seamlessly into your overall wedding aesthetic and theme.

Wedding Thank You Cards

After the wedding festivities have settled, it's a gracious and thoughtful gesture to send out thank you cards to your guests, especially those who came bearing gifts. While thank you card wording might seem like a difficult task, it's a gesture that will be deeply appreciated by your guests. It's a chance to express gratitude and reflect on the shared joy of your wedding celebration.

Craft and Personalise Your Wedding Invitations With Optimalprint

When selecting the appropriate wording, it's always crucial to ensure that it aligns with the couple's personalities and the overall ambience they want to create for their special day, whether they want to include formal wedding invitation wording or something informal.

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