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Save-the-Date Wording: Etiquette Guide & Card Examples

Are you planning a special event and struggling with the wording for your save-the-date cards? That's where our etiquette guide and card examples come in. We understand the importance of creating a memorable and informative save-the-date invitation, and we're here to help you navigate the process effortlessly. Read on to learn more.

Main Takeaways From This Article:

  • Save-the-dates are pre-invitation cards. They’re an important part of the wedding stationery that provides important information about the upcoming wedding and allow guests to make necessary arrangements. They set the tone for the wedding and are typically sent out 6-8 months before the event.

  • The essential information on save-the-dates includes the couple's names, wedding date, location, and a brief message asking guests to reserve the date. Additional elements can include a photograph, special design elements, proofreading, and providing a contact for RSVPs.

  • Things to avoid on save-the-dates include registry information, specific ceremony or reception details, RSVP requests, and information about extra activities or events surrounding the wedding. These details can overwhelm guests and should be saved for the formal invitation.

  • Modern save-the-date etiquette encourages using casual and conversational language, avoiding abbreviations or acronyms, and considering digital options for environmental and convenience reasons.

  • Optimalprint offers a range of customisable save-the-date designs and an easy-to-use tool for creating their own cards. It's important to remember that save-the-dates are guests' first glimpse into the wedding, so make them memorable.

What Are Save-the-Dates?

Save-the-dates are cards sent to your guests before the formal wedding invitations. They provide important information about your upcoming wedding, allowing guests to mark their calendars and make necessary arrangements. Save-the-dates are particularly useful for out-of-town guests or those needing to request time off work to attend your wedding.

Importance of Sending Save-The-Dates

Save-the-dates have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they serve as a pre-invitation that sets the tone for your wedding. These cards are typically sent out six to eight months before the wedding date, giving your guests ample time to plan and prepare. Here are a few other benefits of sending out save-the-dates.

  • Get an Estimate of the Guest Count: You can see how many people will likely attend your wedding by requesting RSVPs or asking for preliminary guest counts. This information can be incredibly helpful when planning your wedding venue, catering, and other logistical details.

  • Create a Buzz: Save-the-dates also serve as a way to build anticipation and generate buzz for your wedding. By sharing a sneak peek of your wedding details, such as the location or theme, you can get your guests excited and eager for the big day. This can help create a sense of anticipation and make your wedding feel even more special.

  • Communicate Logistical Details: This includes hotel accommodations, transportation options, and any special instructions or requests. By providing this information in advance, you ensure that your guests have all the necessary information to make their arrangements and have a smooth and enjoyable experience at your wedding.

Overall, save-the-dates are a valuable tool in the wedding planning process. They provide practical information to your guests and help set the tone for your special day. Whether you go with a traditional card or get creative with a unique design, save-the-dates are a wonderful way to share your excitement and anticipation with your loved ones.

What To Include on Your Save-the-Date

save the date cards

Now that we know what save-the-dates are, let's explore what essential information to include. While save-the-dates are less formal than wedding invitations, providing your guests with the necessary details about your big day is still important. Here are a few key elements to include:

  • Your Names: Make sure to include both your and your partner's names so people know whose wedding they're invited to.

  • The Date: This is the most important part! Make sure to state your wedding date clearly.

  • The Location: While you may not have an exact venue booked, including the city and state is helpful so guests can consider their travel arrangements if necessary.

  • A Notice for a Formal Invitation to Follow: It's traditional to note that a formal invitation will follow later. This lets guests know to expect more information in the future.

  • Wedding Website (If You Have One): If you've created a wedding website, include the URL on your save-the-dates. Here, guests can find additional details like hotel recommendations, a schedule of events, or your registry.

Optional Details:

  • Dress Code: If you already know you're having a black-tie event or casual beach wedding, you might want to share the dress code early so guests can plan their outfits.

Remember, the save the date is not a formal invitation but a heads-up for your guests to block their calendars. The formal invitation, sent later, will include more details about the wedding.

Additional Save-the-Date Tips

It's important to balance providing enough information and not overwhelming your guests when it comes to save-the-dates. While giving them the necessary details, you also want to leave room for anticipation and excitement.

  • Add Photographs: Another element you can consider is including a small photo of you and your partner on your save-the-date. This personal touch adds a warm and inviting feel to the card and lets your guests see your happy faces as they mark their calendars.

  • Carefully Select Design Elements: Another important aspect to consider is the design of your save-the-date. You want it to reflect your wedding theme or style, giving your guests a glimpse of what to expect on the big day. Whether you choose a classic and elegant design or a fun and whimsical one, ensure it aligns with your overall vision for your wedding.

  • Make Sure You Proofread: Double-check all the details, including the spelling of your names, the date, and the venue. It's always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes review it just to catch any small errors that may have been missed.

  • Provide a Contact for RSVP: Don't forget to include a way for your guests to RSVP or indicate their attendance. This can be an email address, a phone number, or a website where they can easily respond. This option makes it convenient for your guests to let you know if they can join you on your special day.

What Not To Include on Your Save-the-Date

not to include on save the date

While it's important to provide your guests with the necessary information, there are a few things you should avoid including on your save-the-date cards. Remember, save-the-dates are meant to be a brief announcement, so it's best to keep them simple and avoid overwhelming your guests with too much information. Keeping your save-the-date cards concise and to the point ensures that your guests focus on the most important information and avoid confusion. Here are a few things to avoid:

1. Registry Information

While it may be tempting to let your guests know where you're registered, save-the-dates are not the appropriate place. Instead, you can include registry information on your wedding website or share it through word of mouth.

2. Specific Ceremony or Reception Details

Save-the-dates should not include specific wedding ceremony or reception details. While giving your guests a general idea of when and where your wedding will occur is important, save the detailed information for the formal wedding invite. This will help build anticipation and excitement for your guests as they wait for the official invitation to arrive.

3. RSVP Requests

While getting a headcount early on may seem convenient, save-the-dates are not the appropriate time to ask for RSVPs. Instead, include RSVP information on your formal wedding invitation, where guests can respond with their attendance or regrets.

4. Extra Activities or Events Surrounding the Wedding

It's best to avoid including information about any extra activities or events surrounding the wedding on your save-the-date cards, even if it's one of those grand destination weddings. While you may have planned additional celebrations or outings for your guests, save-the-dates should focus solely on the date and location of the wedding itself. This will help avoid confusion and ensure your guests have the most important information.

Modern Etiquette for Save-the-Date Wording

As times change, so does etiquette. There are a few modern etiquette guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to save-the-date wording. While these guidelines are not set in stone, they can help you easily navigate the world of save-the-date wording. Here are a few modern etiquette tips to consider:

Use Casual and Conversational Language

When it comes to save-the-date wording, the modern couple has the freedom to express themselves in a way that truly reflects their unique personalities. Gone are the days of strict formalities and rigid language. Instead, couples are encouraged to use casual and conversational language that resonates with their relationship. Whether it's a touch of humour, a heartfelt message, or a playful tone, the wording should capture the couple's essence and set the tone for the upcoming celebration.

Avoid Using Abbreviations or Acronyms

While it may be tempting to use abbreviations or acronyms to save space or appear trendy, it's important to consider the potential confusion it may cause your guests. Remember, not everyone is familiar with all the latest acronyms or slang. It's best to spell words and avoid any potential misunderstandings to ensure clear communication. By using language easily understood by all, you can guarantee that your guests will be fully informed and excited about your special day.

Consider Using a Digital Option

Many couples opt for digital save-the-date options in today's environmentally conscious world. This reduces paper waste and provides a convenient and cost-effective way to reach out to your guests. With digital save-the-dates, you can include interactive elements, such as links to your wedding website or an RSVP feature, making it easier for your guests to respond and stay connected. Additionally, you can easily personalise and customise digital save-the-dates to match your wedding theme or colours, adding a unique touch to your announcement.

Remember, while it's important to adhere to etiquette guidelines, the most vital aspect of save-the-date wording is expressing your excitement and ensuring your guests have the necessary details.

Creative Save-the-Date Wording Ideas

creative save the date wording

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few creative save-the-date wording examples to spark your creativity:

Formal or Traditional Save-the-Dates:

  • "Please save the date for the marriage of [Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name] on [Date] in [City]. An official invitation will soon follow."

  • "We are delighted to announce that on [Date], we, [Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name], will be joining hands in marriage. We would be honoured if you mark your calendar. Detailed invitation to follow."

  • "[Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name] are tying the knot. Please save the date for our celebration on [Date] in [City]. Formal invitation to follow soon."

  • "Join us as we celebrate a new chapter of our lives. Please save the date for [Date] as [Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name] unite in marriage. Invitation to follow."

Casual and Fun Save-the-Dates:

  • "Hey, we're getting hitched! Clear your schedule for [Date] because we want you in [City] to celebrate with us! Look out for the official invite."

  • "Big news! We've set a date, and you're invited! Pencil us in for [Date], and keep an eye out for your official invitation!"

  • "Circle [Date] on your calendar because we're tying the knot! Start packing for [City], and we'll fill you in on the rest with the formal invite."

  • "Guess what? We're getting married! Pop [Date] into your diary and stay tuned for more details. Let's make some memories!"

Romantic Save-the-Dates:

  • "Our love story continues... Join [Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name] on [Date] in [City] as we take the next step. Detailed invitation to follow."

  • "Two hearts, one love story. Save the date for [Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name] as we get married on [Date]. Invitation to follow."

  • "With joyous hearts, we announce our wedding on [Date]. Please save the date to celebrate with us. More details to come with our formal invitation."

  • "Our journey of love brings us to [Date]. Please save the date for our wedding in [City]. Official invitation to follow."

Modern or Simple Save-the-Dates:

  • "Save the Date: [Your Name] + [Your Partner's Name] are tying the knot! Join us on [Date] in [City]. More details to follow."

  • "Mark your calendar! [Your Name] & [Your Partner's Name] are getting married on [Date] in [City]. Invitation to follow."

  • "Get ready to celebrate! [Your Name] and [Your Partner's Name] are saying 'I do' on [Date]. Keep an eye out for more details."

  • "[Your Name] + [Your Partner's Name] = Wedding Bells! Join us on [Date] in [City]. More info to come."

Photo-Based Save-the-Dates:

  • (With a photo of you two) "She said yes! We're getting married on [Date] in [City]. Formal invitation to follow."

  • (Along with a cute photo) "Picture this: [Your Name] & [Your Partner's Name], married! It's happening on [Date]. More details soon!"

  • (Featuring a fun picture of you two) "Ready to say cheese with us? We're getting hitched on [Date] in [City]. Stay tuned for more details!"

  • (With a beautiful photo) "Our journey continues... Save our date [Date] as we step into this new chapter together in [City]. Invitation to follow."

Destination Wedding Save-the-Dates:

  • "Pack your bags and save the date! We're getting married in the beautiful city of [City, Country] on [Date]. Details to follow soon."

  • "Adventure awaits! We're tying the knot on [Date] in [City, Country]. We hope you'll join us on this journey. Invitation to follow."

  • "Our love story takes us to [City, Country] on [Date]. Save the date for our destination wedding! Formal invitation to follow."

  • "A special date for a special place! We're getting married on [Date] in [City, Country]. Pack your bags and await your official invitation."

Quirky and Humorous Save-the-Dates:

  • "Free food, cake, and love! Save the date for [Date] because we're tying the knot in [City]. Keep an eye out for the formal invitation."

  • "We're ready to change our Facebook status to 'Married.' Join the party on [Date] in [City]. Official invite is coming soon!"

  • "We're testing the 'in sickness and in health' vow with wedding cake! Join us on [Date] in [City]. Invitation to follow."

  • "Love, laughter, and a happily ever after starts on [Date] in [City]. Keep your eyes peeled for the official invitation!"

Feel free to personalise these examples or create unique save-the-date wording representing your love story and setting the tone for your wedding day.

Designing Your Own Save-the-Date Cards with Optimalprint

When it comes to celebrating love, every detail matters. With Optimalprint, we help ensure that big and small details perfectly encapsulate your unique love story. Your wedding journey begins with the perfect save-the-date. It's the first impression of your wedding, the moment when your guests mark their calendars and begin to share in your excitement.

With Optimalprint's extensive selection of customisable save-the-date designs, you can set the tone for your big day. Whether you're looking for something formal and traditional, fun and casual, or modern and chic, we've got you covered. We even offer photo-based options to add a personal touch, showcasing your love through beautiful imagery.

But our services don't stop there. Along with your perfect save-the-date, Optimalprint offers a comprehensive range of wedding-related products to assist in your planning process:

  • Wedding Invitations: Extend a warm and personalised invite to your guests. Choose from hundreds of designs and customise them to match your wedding theme.

  • Wedding Programs: Keep your guests informed and engaged with a tailored wedding program that details your ceremony from start to finish.

  • Table Cards & Place Cards: Add a touch of elegance to your reception with beautifully printed table and place cards.

  • Thank You Cards: Show your gratitude post-wedding with personalised thank you cards. It's the perfect way to share a special message with those who made your day memorable.

  • Wedding Canvases: Turn your cherished wedding photos into stunning wall art with our wedding canvas prints.

So, what are you waiting for? Start designing your save-the-date today and explore our broad range of wedding-related offerings. Simply download the Optimalprint app or head to our website to begin crafting your perfect wedding journey.

Save the Date FAQs

When Should We Send Save-the-Dates?

Save the dates should ideally be sent six to eight months before your wedding. If it's a destination wedding or falls on a holiday, consider sending them out even earlier, about nine to twelve months ahead.

Who Gets a Save-the-Date?

Save-the-dates should be sent to all your potential guests. This includes close family, friends, and anyone you want to ensure can attend your special day. Remember, anyone who receives a Save-the-Date should also receive a wedding invitation.

Do You Put Names on Save-the-Dates?

It's customary to include both the names of the couple and the date of the wedding on Save-the-Dates. However, this can be personalised based on your style and preference.

What Types of Save-the-Dates Are Available?

Our platform offers various types of save-the-dates, including postcards, magnets, and even digital options. With our customisable designs, you can express your unique style while keeping up with the latest trends.

Does Our Save-the-Date Have to Match Our Wedding Invitation?

Your save-the-date does not necessarily have to match your wedding invitation. It can serve as a teaser for your wedding's theme or simply be a fun, unique expression of your love story.

Do I Have to Send Someone a Wedding Invitation if I Sent Them a Save-the-Date?

As a general rule, order your save-the-dates as soon as you have your wedding date and venue confirmed. This will give you ample time to address and send them out within the recommended time frame. With our platform, you can design, order, and have them shipped directly to you or your guests quickly.