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A Guide to Photo Frame Sizes for Photos and Artwork

Selecting the right frame size for your cherished photos and unique artwork can often feel like a maze. You want to enhance your pieces' visual appeal and ensure they harmoniously fit into your space. However, choosing the perfect frame size can often be overwhelming, leading to those memorable snaps or creative expressions being tucked away from sight.

Our guide to photo frame sizes aims to take the guesswork out of the equation and ensure that your favourite photos or wall art aren't left gathering dust.

Main Takeaways From This Article:

  • Frame sizes can significantly enhance the presentation of your photos or artwork, but choosing the perfect size often feels daunting.

  • Standard frame sizes, including 13x18, 21x30, 30x40, and 40x60 centimetres, provide flexible options for different photos and types of artwork. Understanding their common uses can aid in making an appropriate choice.

  • Your piece's orientation, whether a portrait or landscape, is crucial in determining the best frame size. Portrait-oriented pieces generally fit well in taller frames, while landscape-oriented ones require wider frames.

  • While selecting the right frame size, consider the display location, desired visual impact, artwork content, and professional framing requirements.

  • Unconventional or custom frame sizes cater to specific or unique display needs. Mixing and matching different frame sizes can create a dynamic and visually appealing presentation.

What Are Standard Photo Frame Sizes?

standard photo frame sizes

When it comes to picture frames, several standard sizes are commonly used. These sizes are readily available and can be found in most stores that sell frames. The most common standard picture frame sizes include:

  • 13x18 centimetres

  • 21x30 centimetres

  • 30x40 centimetres

  • 40x60 centimetres

These sizes are widely used because they are versatile and can fit a variety of photos and artwork. They are popular because they fit well on standard shelves, tables, and walls.

Here's a closer look at each one of these standard picture frame sizes:

13x18 Centimetres

The 13x18-centimetre frame size gives you more space to showcase your favourite photos. This size is often used when you want to display a portrait or landscape prominently. It perfectly balances size and visibility, making it a favoured option for personal and professional use.

21x30 Centimetres

The 21x30-centimetre frame size is a classic choice for framing precious memories. It offers a larger display area, allowing for more detail to be seen in the photo. This size is commonly used for family portraits, wedding photos, or any image you want to draw attention to. Its larger size can highlight the photo and make it a centrepiece in any room.

30x40 Centimetres

For displaying larger photos or pieces of art, a 30x40-centimetre frame is ideal. Professional images, such as those captured by photographers or artists, are often displayed in this size. It offers plenty of room for capturing intricate details and can deliver a striking message when hung on a wall. Diplomas, certificates, and other significant documents you wish to exhibit look fantastic in 30x40-centimetre frames.

40x60 Centimetres

The 40x60-centimetre frame size provides a generous display area, making it perfect for showcasing large photographs or artwork. This size is commonly used for displaying landscape photos, scenic images, or artwork you want to make a bold statement with. The 40x60 centimetre frame size can create an impressive visual impact and is commonly seen in galleries, museums, or professional art exhibitions.

Now that you understand the standard photo frame sizes, you can choose the perfect size for your photos or artwork. Whether you wish to display a small snapshot or make a bold statement with a large piece, a standard frame size will meet your needs.

Exploring the Different Formats: Portrait vs Landscape Frame Sizes

Besides the standard sizes mentioned above, it's important to consider whether your photo or artwork is in portrait or landscape format. The orientation of your piece will determine the best frame size to enhance its visual impact.

Portrait: Photos or artwork in portrait format are taller than wide. Consider accentuating their verticality by choosing frames with taller dimensions, such as 21x30 or 40x60 centimetres.

Landscape: Conversely, landscape-oriented pieces are wider than they are tall. For these, consider frames with wider dimensions like 30x40 centimetres or even panoramic frames to capture the breadth and depth of the image fully.

By matching the frame orientation to your photo or artwork, you can create a harmonious display that draws attention to its unique qualities.

Tips for Choosing the Right Frame Sizes

choosing photo frame sizes

Choosing the right frame size involves more than just selecting a number on a chart. Here are some essential tips to help you make an informed decision:

Consider the Location
Consider where you plan to hang or display your framed photo or artwork. Measure the available space to ensure the frame size fits perfectly and complements the surroundings.

Think About the Visual Impact
Determine the level of visual impact you want to achieve. Larger frame sizes often command more attention and can create a focal point within a room.

Consider the Content
Analyse the content of your photo or artwork. Does it contain intricate details or fine textures? If so, larger frame sizes will allow these elements to shine.

Frame Requirements
Consult a framer for their recommendations and expertise for professionally framing your photo or artwork. They can guide you based on the specific requirements and materials needed.

Remember, selecting the right frame size is an opportunity to enhance and complement the essence of your photo or artwork, so carefully consider these factors to achieve the desired effect.

Unconventional and Custom Frame Sizes

While standard frame sizes provide an excellent starting point, your creative visions may demand something more unique. Opting for unconventional or custom frame sizes lets you think outside the box and personalise your display.

Custom frame sizes can be advantageous when showcasing oversized or irregularly shaped artwork or photos. They provide the flexibility to cater to the specific dimensions of your piece, ensuring a seamless fit.

Additionally, unconventional frame sizes can add an artistic touch to your display. Choosing an unexpected dimension can spark interest and make your photo or artwork stand out.

When considering unconventional or custom frame sizes, it is crucial to consult with a professional framer who can guide you through the process and offer their expertise to bring your unique vision to life.

How To Mix and Match Different Frame Sizes

Creating a visually appealing display often involves mixing and matching different frame sizes. This approach adds depth and dimension to your photos and artwork, making the display more dynamic. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Gallery Wall: Create an eye-catching gallery wall by combining frames of varying sizes. This arrangement allows you to showcase multiple photos or pieces of artwork, creating a personalised and visually stimulating display.

  • Contrasting Sizes: Experiment with frames of different sizes to create contrast and visual interest. Pairing a large frame with smaller ones can draw attention to particular elements and add a touch of drama to the overall display.

  • Cohesive Theme: Stick to a cohesive theme using frames of the same size but in different colours or finishes. This creates a unified look while allowing each photo or artwork to shine.

Mixing and matching frame sizes allows your creativity to shine and create a personalised display that reflects your unique style and taste.

Elevate Your Photos and Artwork With Photo Posters

photo posters

As we reach the end of our comprehensive guide to choosing the right photo frame sizes, we must consider an innovative alternative to transforming how we display our cherished moments and artistic expressions – photo posters.

Photo posters offer a superior alternative to traditional photo prints. These beautifully designed pieces in various sizes provide a modern, flexible, and striking solution to presenting your favourite images. They bring more than just an image to your space; they bring a sense of style and sophistication.

  • Superior Quality: Photo posters are printed on high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. They maintain the vibrancy of colours, capturing the finer details of your image with exceptional clarity.

  • Versatility: From personal snapshots to professional images, posters accommodate a range of styles. They offer an excellent way to display high-resolution photos or intricate artwork.

  • Easier to Handle: Unlike traditional framed prints, photo posters are lightweight and easy to hang. This makes them a practical choice for those who regularly refresh their display.

  • Customisable: With a wide range of sizes available, you can choose a dimension that perfectly suits your photo or artwork, enhancing its visual impact.

  • Stylish: Photo posters offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that can complement any interior design. They make your images pop, transforming them into eye-catching pieces of art.

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Photo Frame Sizes FAQs:

What Size Is an A3 Photo?

An A3 photo or paper size measures 29.7x42.0 cm. This size is excellent for showcasing detailed artwork or large images, providing enough space to capture attention without overwhelming the viewer. It suits various settings, from a home office to a larger living area.

Which Size Is Best for a Frame?

The best frame size depends on the artwork and where it will be displayed. Generally, larger pieces and frames work well in spacious areas, while smaller frames are suited to more intimate settings. Consider the wall space, the art size, and the overall room aesthetic when choosing your frame size.

Is 30x40 a Common Frame Size?

Yes, 30x40 centimetres is one of the popular picture frame sizes. It's a versatile choice that fits many standard photo and print sizes. This size is large enough to impact your wall, yet not so large that it dominates the space. It works well in various settings, from bedrooms to offices.

What Is a Good Size Frame for a Living Room?

The right picture frame size for a living room depends on the room's size and your taste. Larger frames of around 60x90 centimetres can create a focal point, while a series of smaller frames can form an eye-catching gallery wall. The key is to balance the scale of your frames with your room, ensuring your artwork enhances the space rather than overwhelming it.