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Family Christmas Gifts – Find Surprises for Your Loved Ones

Want to save yourself from the embarrassment of choosing the wrong gifts this Christmas? Don't worry; here are some family Christmas gift ideas that everyone will love.

Searching for 'one-of-a-kind' family Christmas gifts is never too early to avoid the last-minute rush. Amidst meeting deadlines and running errands, it's easy to forget that Christmas is about doing special things for people you love. Further complicating the gift-buying process is the need for family Christmas gift ideas. And in the blink of an eye, the festive season will set in, and you'll start hearing Christmas songs and witnessing decked-up Christmas trees.

Ultimately, you're left with little to no time to buy presents for your family. So when it comes to Christmas presents, panicking and picking up the first item on which your eye rests is a big no-no! Instead, Christmas gifts for family members must be chosen with utmost care.

In this guide, you'll find a list of unique family Christmas gifts your loved ones will treasure for years.

Family Christmas Gifts and Presents: How To Make Christmas More Magical

The magic of Christmas doesn't end with exchanging and opening presents; instead, it extends beyond that. And that's why we will discuss ways to make Christmas more magical, along with family gift ideas.

1) Start A Book Advent Calendar

There's no better way than a book advent calendar when it comes to managing your children's excitement for Christmas. Rather than a customary candy-filled advent calendar, gift your children a book advent calendar.

Here's how to DIY a book advent calendar: carefully select 24 books of various genres that your kids will enjoy reading and wrap them. As December sets in, unwrap one book and read it to your children for 24 nights before picking up the next book.

A unique alternative: Create a photo book with your own stories. That's a unique family Christmas gift. You need 24 photos and stories to go with them. There may be stories from grandma or your own childhood. In the photo book, you can place a picture and a story on each of the 24 double pages. Then, close the double pages with loops (holes for this can be punched with a hole punch). Then the kids can open an exciting story every day.

2) Design your own postcard advent calendar

Imagine your children receiving postcards from the busy Christmas elves daily during the festive season? At Optimalprint, you can easily design your own cards and add the Christmas motifs you want. On the back or inside each card, there is space for a message from the Christmas elves. They'll tell the kids about their work for Santa or the Christmas story. So get creative and design an extraordinary advent calendar that excites the wait for Christmas.

By the way, you can also make a calendar like this for an adult. With daily riddles, romantic sayings or other things, you can put a smile on the face of your loved ones.

3) Create and send Christmas cards with your family!

Christmastime is always a time for families. Let friends and family know you are thinking of them. Together with your children, you can send incredibly personal Christmas mail. For example, putting together a small care package: homemade biscuits, a freshly cooked Christmas jam, a Christmas pudding, or even homemade Christmas tree decorations will surely bring great joy to your friends. Add a funny Christmas card with your photo to the package, and the surprise is perfect.

Family Christmas Gifts Ideas: Find Something New To Gift

Hunting for the perfect Christmas presents for family members is a challenging feat. What makes picking things an overwhelming process is that your loved ones are of different ages, and no two members share the same interest. Regarding family Christmas presents, personalisation is the key to making your family feel loved and special. For instance, if any of your family members is a coffee addict, personalised coffee mugs will be a sensible gift. At Optimalprint you can order mugs printed with a photo of your choice and create a unique gift. Instead of spending hours in retail or online shopping aisles, browse through this roundup of exciting and unique Christmas gifts for your family.

Anyone Can Make a Standard Decoration – Individual Wall Art as a Family Christmas Gift

It's always nice to make your living room a little more personal. At Christmas, personalised wall decorations create a lovely gift and bring memories and moments back to life. Pick a photo of a special moment with your family. This can be a holiday photo, a beautiful panorama of the beach, or a picture from an everyday moment that was special to you. At Optimalprint, you can turn this photo into a real work of art on canvas, aluminium print and the like. This way, you can create a personal gift that your whole family will surely enjoy. And your wall will shine with a new look. Instead of a single wall decoration, you can also create a complete photo wall from many snapshots.

Make the breakfast table unique – cups for the whole family

Breakfast is delicious, especially at the weekend: while the croissant with jam melts in your mouth, the next family day out is being planned. Wouldn't it be cool to have matching mugs at breakfast together? As a family Christmas gift, simply design a mug for each family member. Add a unique photo or motif to the cups that unites you all. Then, the next time you have breakfast together, the whole family will have matching mugs.

Unique Family Christmas Gifts: Matching Pyjamas and T-Shirts

Matching pyjamas for every family member is counted among adorable and timeless gifting items. Countless brands sell pyjamas for family members of all age groups, which means no one will be left out.

From your less-than-a-year-old baby to your 60+ parents, everyone will have their matching pyjamas. So here's a pro tip: take snaps to remember the moment everyone wore matching pyjamas. At Optimalprint you can easily design your own t-shirts for pyjamas. Become a designer and create shirts with a photo of your choice and a funny saying. Don't you love sleeping in pyjamas with a family photo on them?

Personalised Family Christmas Gift: Design a Name Sign 

Among the family gift ideas for Christmas, one of our favourites is a personalised family name sign. Not only is it one-of-a-kind, but it also makes for a thoughtful gift. And because no other guest would usually think of bringing a personalised family name sign, your gift will stand out. At Optimalprint, instead of a simple sign, you can design a family portrait with your names right away. The aluminium prints or the foam prints are already available in small sizes starting from 20 × 20 cm, so they fit perfectly next to the front door.

Let photos speak – Family Gift Ideas

Sometimes photos simply say more than a thousand words. They hold memories and emotions and are a fantastic way to show appreciation for someone. That's why they are perfect for family Christmas gifts. With Optimalprint, you can create photo gifts for Christmas that will bring a big smile to your counterpart's face. Let your creativity run wild: how about a calendar with photos from the past year?

Family Christmas Gift: Conclusion

Christmas is all about spending time with family members because they are the people whom you love unconditionally and vice versa.

Without a doubt, choosing family Christmas gifts to satisfy the whole crew is no easy feat, especially when everyone's personality is unique. And that's why, sometimes, the most treasured gifts are those that foster togetherness and strengthen ties.

Putting a lot of effort into deciding the perfect gift for your partner, kid, dad, or mom makes everything special. Always keep the giftee and their likes in mind when choosing a Christmas gift for them, and rest assured, you'll pick the right item.

Personal gifts such as photo calendars, canvas prints, and the like making people happy because they bring shared moments from the past back into the present. As a family, you have experienced a lot; a lot connects you. You can express all of this wonderfully with a photo gift.

So, ready to start shopping for Christmas gifts for your family? Good luck!