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Christening Invitations Ideas and Examples

Invitations are more than just paper and ink. They are the first impression, a tangible memory, and a heartfelt gesture. A DIY personalised christening invitation not only conveys the event's details but also reflects the love, hopes, and dreams that parents harbour for their children. It stands as a unique keepsake that, years down the line, evokes the emotions and memories of this special day. In a world of digital notifications and instant messaging, the tactile joy and personal touch of a handmade invitation become even more precious. As we delve into various DIY invitation ideas, let's celebrate the beauty and sentiment behind every fold, every colour, and every word chosen.

Main Takeaways From This Article:

  • DIY christening invitations offer a personal touch, reflecting the family's emotions, hopes, and love for the child.

  • Crafting these invitations can be cost-effective. It provides savings through sourcing your own materials and avoiding branded costs.

  • Essential materials for DIY include varied paper types, printing options, decorative elements, and envelope choices.

  • Design aspects range from themes to colour schemes, specific DIY design examples, and thoughtful wording for different guests.

  • Optimalprint offers a seamless platform for effortless creation and delivery.

Benefits of DIY Christening Invitations:

Choosing the DIY route for christening invitations comes with several advantages that can make the entire process deeply rewarding. Here's why many opt to craft their own:

Personal Touch

Crafting your own christening invitations allows for an unparalleled personal connection. Every stroke, choice of colour, and detail becomes a reflection of your emotions and the significance of the event. It offers a chance to embed cherished memories or symbols that hold familial importance. Recipients often appreciate the individuality and thoughtfulness of a handmade invite, understanding that it's not just a card, but a heart-warming gesture laden with sentiment.


Opting for DIY invitations can offer notable financial advantages. By sourcing your materials and avoiding branded or designer labels, substantial savings can be achieved. Moreover, there's a flexibility in cost control; you decide where to splurge and where to save. No hidden fees, no additional charges for customisation, just transparent budgeting tailored to your needs.

Creative Expression

DIY christening invitations are a canvas for your creative prowess. They offer freedom to experiment with designs, textures, and typography, allowing you to bring your envisioned theme to life. Whether you're inclined towards a classic, rustic, or contemporary design, the DIY route ensures that your creativity remains unhindered. It's an opportunity to not only express personal aesthetics but also to create a keepsake that resonates with the occasion's sanctity.

Essentials for DIY Invitations

Essentials for DIY Invitations

1. Paper Choices

Crafting the perfect DIY christening invitation begins with selecting the right paper. Here's a brief rundown on what's available:

  • Cardstock: This thick and durable paper type is most commonly used for invitations. Available in various colours, it's versatile and offers a high-quality look.

  • Textured Paper: This includes linen, felt, and laid textures that provide an elegant and tactile experience. They add depth and dimension to your design and can make a simple design stand out.

  • Vellum: A translucent, delicate paper that can be layered atop other paper types for a dreamy look. Perfect for overlaying important information or adding a touch of whimsy.

  • Recycled Paper: For the environmentally-conscious, this option ensures you’re creating invitations with a lesser ecological footprint.

2. Printing Options

  • At-Home Printing: With a decent quality printer, you can print invitations from the comfort of your home. This option offers flexibility, especially for last-minute changes. However, ensure your printer can handle the paper weight and type you've chosen.

  • Professional Printing: Local print shops or online services can produce high-quality prints, sometimes with options for embossing, foil stamping, or UV spot printing. They may offer bulk pricing and ensure consistent quality, especially for larger guest lists.

3. Decorative Elements

The right embellishments can transform a simple card into a keepsake. Some options to consider include:

  • Ribbons & Bows: Tying a ribbon around your invitation or adding a bow can add elegance. Choose colours that match or complement your theme.

  • Wax Seals: These lend a vintage and sophisticated touch. With a myriad of stamp designs and wax colours available, it's a beautiful way to seal your envelopes.

  • Stickers & Labels: Personalised stickers can seal your envelopes or highlight the baby's name or christening date.

  • Gems & Glitter: For a touch of sparkle, carefully placed gems or a sprinkle of glitter can make your invitation shine.

  • Lace or Fabric: Attach a small piece of lace or fabric for a tactile and vintage feel. It can be layered beneath a card or tied around an envelope.

4. Envelopes

Your envelope is the first thing recipients will see, so make it count!

  • Standard Envelopes: Come in various sizes and colours. Ensure it matches the dimensions of your invitation.

  • Lined Envelopes: Offer an extra layer of luxury by adding a liner that matches your invitation's design or theme.

  • String & Button Envelopes: Add a nostalgic touch with these envelopes that don’t require adhesive.

  • Clear Envelopes: Modern and chic, they offer a sneak peek into the beautiful invitation inside.

  • Custom Stamps: Rather than using standard postage, consider getting a custom stamp made, echoing the theme or perhaps featuring a silhouette of a dove, cross, or baby.

Designing Your Invites

Crafting the perfect christening invitation requires a blend of personal taste and current design principles. Let's delve into various design aspects to ensure your invite leaves a memorable impression.

Theme Ideas

  • Classic: Think timeless elegance with soft hues, minimalistic designs, and traditional symbols like crosses, doves, or baby footprints. Classic designs are versatile and widely appreciated.

  • Contemporary: Modern designs might incorporate geometric shapes, bold colour contrasts, or playful graphics. These designs speak to a fresh and updated take on christening invitations.

  • Rustic: Inspired by the countryside, rustic invitations often use elements like kraft paper, wood grain textures, floral wreaths, and lace. They’re perfect for outdoor or barn christenings.

  • Vintage: Transport your invitees back in time with designs featuring pastel colours, antique frames, or nostalgic typography. Vintage designs can be paired with wax seals or ribbons for added authenticity.

Colour Schemes

  • Pastel Tones: Soft blues, pinks, lavenders, and mints evoke innocence and are classic choices for christening invites.

  • Monochromatic: Using varying shades of a single colour can create a sophisticated and harmonious look.

  • Gold & Cream: A touch of gold, whether through text or decorative elements, exudes luxury against a cream backdrop.

  • Neutral Palettes: Gray, beige, and white combined offer a clean, minimalist look that’s both modern and timeless.

  • Bold Contrasts: For a contemporary feel, consider pairing contrasting colours, such as navy and rose gold.

Examples of DIY Christening Invitations

Christening invitation example

Creating a memorable christening invitation requires creativity and thoughtfulness. These DIY designs offer a range of styles to inspire you:

1. Photo-Embedded Invites

Make your child the star by placing a cherished photograph at the heart of the invitation.

How to Create: Select a high-resolution image of your baby. Use design software or an online platform to incorporate this image into your invite. Add a decorative border or use faded background graphics to make the photo pop.

Tip: Opt for a soft-focus or black-and-white photo for a touch of elegance.

2. Watercolour Backdrop

Hand-painted watercolour backgrounds offer a soft, dreamy look that's perfect for the serene occasion.

How to Create: Using watercolour paper, apply gentle brush strokes in your chosen colours. Once dried, print the details of the event on top. Alternatively, use digital watercolour backgrounds available online.

Tip: Combine soft hues like pastel blues or pinks with splashes of gold for added sophistication.

3. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Incorporate personal sketches or artwork, lending an intimate touch.

How to Create: Draw symbols like doves, crosses, baby booties, or even a church on your invitation. Scan your artwork and add it to your digital design or hand-draw directly on each card for a truly personal touch.

Tip: Use fine-line pens for crisp drawings or coloured pencils for a softer touch.

4. Minimalist Design

Relying on typography and ample white space, this design speaks volumes with less.

How to Create: Choose a high-quality paper, preferably with a subtle texture. Using a bold font for the child’s name and a simpler font for event details, lay out the information with generous spacing.

Tip: Consider a single, subtle design element, like a small cross or a delicate border, to tie the design together.

5. 3D Elements

Add depth and texture to your invitation by incorporating tangible embellishments.

How to Create:

  • Lace: Attach lace trim around the borders or overlay a lace cutout on the top.

  • Ribbons: Tie a bow around the folded invite or hang a small charm from a ribbon loop.

  • Metallic Charms: Attach small cross or heart charms as a focal point or to complement the theme.

Tip: If using bulky elements, consider hand-delivering the invites or using padded envelopes to protect them during mailing.

Christening Invitation Wording Examples

Christening invitation wording examples

Crafting the perfect words for a christening can be a heartfelt endeavour. Your invitation sets the tone for this momentous occasion. Dive into our curated selection of christening invitation wordings tailored for every guest, ensuring your message resonates with warmth and sincerity.

Invitation Wording for Co-workers

1. "We're delighted to announce the christening of our dear son, [Child's Name]. We'd be honoured if you could join us for the ceremony and a small reception afterwards."

2. "A special day is on the horizon as we christen [Child's Name]. Your presence would mean a lot to our family."

3. "Join us in celebrating a new chapter in [Child's Name]'s journey of faith. We hope you can make it."

4. "As [Child's Name] takes his/her first step in faith, we invite you to share in our joy and blessings."

5. "We cordially invite you to the christening of our child, [Child's Name], as we come together in faith and celebration."

Invitation Wording for Family and Loved Ones

1. "With hearts full of gratitude and love, we invite you to the christening of [Child's Name]. Your blessings have always guided us, and we hope to have them on this special day."

2. "Dear [name of the recipient], join us in celebrating [Child's Name]'s christening. Your presence will make the day even more special."

3. "A day of joy, faith, and family. We're christening [Child's Name] and would be honoured with your presence."

4. "Family is the pillar of faith. As [Child's Name] embarks on his/her spiritual journey, we humbly request your blessings and company."

5. "The joy of family is unparalleled. As we christen [Child's Name], your presence would mean the world to us."

Invitation Wording for Friends

1. "Dear [Friend's Name], we're delighted to invite you to the christening of [Child's Name]. It's moments like these that we cherish with friends like you."

2. "As we celebrate faith and new beginnings for [Child's Name], your presence would make the day complete."

3. "Friends are the family we choose, and we'd love for you to join us at [Child's Name]'s christening."

4. "Join us for a day of faith, love, and friendship as we christen our beloved [Child's Name]."

5. "We invite you to share in our joy and blessings as [Child's Name] takes his/her first step in faith. Hope to see you there!"

Create DIY Christening Invitations With Optimalprint

Embracing DIY has never been so seamless with Optimalprint at your side. Here's why:

1. Effortless Creation: Whether you're on the go using your smartphone or prefer the expanse of your computer screen, Optimalprint's platform is compatible with both. Dive into thousands of bespoke designs, each awaiting your personal touch, through our user-friendly app.

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DIY Christening Invitations FAQs

What Paper Type Is Best for DIY Christening Invitations?

Card stock is a popular choice due to its thickness and durability, providing a high-quality look. However, textured paper, vellum, and recycled paper are also viable options for creating baptism invites. It's essential to match the paper type with the design and feel you want to convey.

What Should I Include in My Requisition List for DIY Christening Invitations?

For creating christening invitations or any DIY greeting card, your list should include:

  • The type and quantity of paper (e.g., card stock, textured paper, vellum).

  • Printing tools or details for professional printing services.

  • Design software or templates, if used digitally.

  • Embellishments such as ribbons, lace, wax seals, or metallic charms.

  • Envelopes suitable for the size and style of your invitations.

  • Adhesives, like double-sided tape or glue.

  • Cutting tools, like scissors or a paper cutter.

  • Design inspirations or sketches.

How Can I Add a Unique Touch to My DIY Christening Invitations?

Consider incorporating a cherished photo of the child, hand-drawn illustrations, or 3D elements such as ribbons, lace, and metallic charms. The choice of typography, colour scheme, and decorative elements all play a part in making your invitation stand out and resonate with recipients.